Catamaran Diadème

Aboard the Diadème, various activities are open to you: first of all when sailing, the expert sailors will seek to improve the settings so that the boat can cut through the water as quickly as possible. Others will prefer to laze in the sun in the trampoline. But while anchored for a stop-over, it will be possible for example to observe the seabed (a few pairs of goggles, snorkels and flippers are available on board) or to go for a paddle in a kayak... Should you stop over in a port, a visit to the villages of Corsica comes highly recommended!

Kayaking 1

Diadème is also equipped with a 1 seat unsinkable sea kayak (which can seat 2), which can be enjoyed by the young and the not so young. Visiting the smallest nooks and crannies of an inlet in a kayak is a truly enjoyable experience because it involves no noise, no danger and no pollution!

Kayaking 2

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